Sunday, 26 June 2011

Glorious weather

As I view the reports from Glastonbury and the accepted mud on the BBC news the 36degrees C weather here seems a pleasant contrast. During the 40 years or so that we toured France and Europe on our motorcycle I was always told that the good weather began south of the Loire. Having been washed away in the Dordogne a few times that is not a proven scientific fact but experience shows it holds some element of truth.
Warm weather equals more watering but the terrace flowers are starting to fill out the tubs and baskets
This weekend we invited our French friends for dinner and since the weather was so good we set the table in the garden managing to talk and laugh and enjoy some of Maureens great cooking until gone 11pm.
Then French 'gang' although Phillipe and Natalie are missing and Chantal is hiding in her chair!
As I may have mentioned before our neighbour, Monique, here in Le Breuil has what we would call a smallholding which she keeps trimmed and cultivated to standards that would be admired in a public park. The little ducklings that arrived ten days ago have taken to the water in the duck pond and even gained the confidence to steal oats from the chickens!!!
Ducks take to the water at last although two can be seen on a mission to steal chicken food!
Michel my French friend has an MGF and recently the bodywork underwent a renovation having a repaint and a new green hood. I managed to locate a good deal on hoods in the UK so on a recent trip back I collected the hood from the supplier saving a lot of money compared to the cost in France.
Two 'non' experts at work, making a fine job of fitting the new hood.
Being in the heart of the countryside you can see a wide variety of animals in the fields. The farmer down the road has three beautiful working horses although I am sure they are a particular type and have a rather restul life. In the field opposite you can see Maurice and Charles two big and handsome Charolais bulls, along with the sheep, goats and cows they make up the animal population of the hamlet.
Don't mess with me!

Claude, Jules & Hercules (The Boys)

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