Sunday, 12 June 2011

That's a right corker!

Its June again and in France that's the season for Brocantes, many towns large and small fill up with stalls selling household clearance and everything else imaginable and today was no exception. Attending these events is a little like visting IKEA, you never know what you are going to leave with!!! Today I bought a wine bottle corking machine, something I normally borrow from my French friend.
A man needs to prepare his corking machine!

Guests staying at the gite can buy wine in bulk (10 or 20 litres) from local wine growers and now they can bottle the wine themselves with the use of this corking machine!

Sarah, Michel's daughter, and her husband Rodolphe called today along with Melville the 15month old additon to the family. As it is the weekend of Pentecost, they are visiting our friends Michel and Chantal for the weekend from Paris and Melville was keen to see the local animals....sheep, ducklings, chickens etc and since we are in charge of feeding and securing the neighbours animals this weekend we had a visit next door.

The sheep do not appear to be interested in the visitors!

The gite grass has improved considerablywith the recent rain and although the ground is still very dry the grass at least appears to have taken on a green tint.
Taken today, as you can see the gite garden grass is indeed green, remarkable!

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