Monday, 1 April 2013

warm spring weather!

Spring is certainly in the air, late March and the first day of April have been reasonably warm and dry we even managed to sit outside for lunch a few days ago so maybe it’s a sign of things to come?

Maureen has all her flowering plants developing in the greenhouse, must be at least 200, so the cottage garden should look very nice once again for all our guests. Madam Monique has the larger flowering plants stored in her greenhouse for the winter and I am sure they will have had a lot of TLC should it be required. Maureen has also been busy weeding all the flower beds and we have just taken delivery of 15, 80 litre bags of bio compost from the local gardeners co-operative to give the soil a boost in preparation for the new planting.

Last summer in central France was warm and dry, we are always amazed at the difference in the weather when we are only 360 miles south of Dover!

Next week we have arranged to join a group of friends to have an evening meal at our local ‘Michelin’ restaurant.  Can I dispel any ideas that we eat at Michelin restaurants on a regular basis….although this one is simply amazing value. A guest at les Deux Platanes in 2012 was a catering consultant and they had a meal at this Michelin restaurant, he told me afterwards that the price paid was 30% of a similar meal at a Michelin Restaurant in the south of England. So if you are planning a stay at Les Deux Platanes, you could give yourselves a treat and reserve at a table at L’Promenade.

Our flowering cherry tree is just about to bloom, look out for a photo on this BLOG soon!