Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Jolly Musical June

As the weeks pass the flowers get better by the day, our latest guests are all very impressed with the garden and relaxing in the shade of the big trees with a nice glass of chilled wine could not be better on these warn evenings. 

The wall outside the cottage has the best showing of flowers for years!

The annual concert took place in the farmers barn last week, sandwiched between two combine vintage harvesters the local band from Clion gave everyone from the hamlet a magnificent performance.

Hopefully the video will let you listen to the band.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wet but wonderful

Well late May and June has certainly provided sufficient rain for the gardens, the deep wells in the hamlet will be full for the summer and everyone will be happy. We are however now ready for some of the hot days of summer. The 500 plus flower plants that arrived from our nursery in Staffordshire are now planted and established in the gardens providing an early show of colour but lots more to come yet. The cottage garden has been awarded second prize for the regional garden competition two years in a row, what will it take to get 1st prize? 

The first eight photos below were taken today , Thursday 14th June in the cottage garden, our cottage guests are all enjoying the show. 

Clematis loves the wet weather - lots of flowers

Planted in 2016 the vines at the end of the cottage have the first grapes developing

Poppies giving a great show of colour

Now you will never guess the significance of the barrels on the trailer! They all contain plums, 3 from our plum trees and 3 from the plum trees in Michel's garden (my French friend of 45 plus years). All 6 were filled during the summer of 2017, had sugar added and were left to over the winter to ferment. Of course in May 2018, as every year, the roving distiller arrives and all 6 barrels were on the way to be distilled into eau de vie. This year was a bumper year and the eau de vie was of very high quality, starting at 87% and eventually dropping down to 42% . I am sure the 40 litres will keep les Deux Platantes in eau de vie for the next 10 years! Some from 2012, has just been made into the local aperitif called 'Epine'.  

Maureen's vegetable garden received a major renovation in 2017 and this has been completed in 2018. It now has raised beds, gravel paths and special areas for tomato growing and fruit bushes.

Tomatoes and herbs

3 types of potato all starting to flower

Leeks, carrots, beans, melons, courgettes, radish and lettuce growing well due to the damp weather.

Last but not least was the recent commemoration to celebrate the arrival of the Scottish Army which formed the 'Auld Alliance' to help the French fight the English.....600 years ago! As ever this was yet another excuse for a wonderful long afternoon meal and Maureen assisted with the deserts making Cranachan which the French thought was amazing as it contained whisky.

The Mayor saying a few fine words before the meal.