Friday, 2 September 2016

Oh the joy of food and wine ( for Pete and Sue!!!!)

The year is moving on and fortunately this brings an abundance of wine and food fairs.....oh how we suffer here in France! 

The Domaine de Navas is a very 'French' affair and it appears Maureen receives information about this event far in advance of our French friends (few of whom attend anyway)! It is held over two days, this year the weather was hot.....yes it's 37c on the Saturday so we decide to attend on the cool 31c Sunday. Unlike many of the local wine fairs the Navas event invites vignerons from many different regions so it is possible to buy a simply gorgeous red from a producer from St Emilion who has only 3.5 hectares, Champagne, sweet whites, fabulous rose and most things in between. In addition to the wine tasting a very good 5 course lunch is offered for only 12 euro (about £9) which appears to be taken by everyone attending including the stall holders.

Visitors sampling some of the wines
Personal explanations from the vignerons
Lunch under the trees
We joined other French visitors for lunch. the only 'English' at the event!
There is also a ceremony to 'induct' new members into the very prestigious 'vignerons' guild.  This year two new members who must be true craftsmen of the vines had to go through the ceremony. 

Two new members have to drink half a bottle of wine ... and repeat after 'me' ..blah, blah
They receive a certificate which is highly regarded
Maureen snuggles up to Patrick, an existing member of the vignerons society and an old friend
So after a stressful day sampling wines, buying a few bottles, enjoying a lovely lunch under the trees in excellent company we had to leave, yes its one difficult life at times here in central France but someone has to do it!