Sunday, 22 February 2015

Spring in the air 2015

We will soon be into March and the warmer weather this brings the first green shoots of spring and all the wonders of the countryside blossoming once again. Can you detect that I very much look forward to this time of year? Hopefully it will also assist in curing my on-going chest cold and cough that currently shows no signs of disappearing.

Today we have been inspecting the variety of  'plug' plants available for the garden in Les Deux Platanes, for 2015 we are buying some additional varieties. In 2014 the cottage was in the finals of the area beautiful garden competition so we must try harder in 2015 and maybe we will win first prize?

One of the cottage doors with plants in 2014, hope you notice the new grape vines painted onto the shutters - Maureen using her artistic skills again.

Normally we buy several hundred flower plants that eventually end up in the pots, hanging baskets, borders and beds in the cottage and our own private garden. For 2015 we are considering using a different supplier who offers a wider range of flowers. This new supplier even offers a delivery service from the UK to France ( flower plants in the UK are much less expensive than France). In the UK it is possible to buy the tiny 'plug' plants but in France you can only buy larger plants which are much more expensive.

We will soon commence the preparation of the cottage for the 2015 season and as is usual it will be receiving a top to toe clean and i have no doubt the paint brush will be working again to ensure both the interior and exterior are in absolutely delightful condition for our many guests this year.

Those of you who have been to the cottage before will be aware of the Auberge de la Tour in Chatillon our small local town. This local restaurant was taken over from the previous owners four years ago by a very young chef who has worked very hard to build both his skills and culinary reputation. In those four years he has matured and developed the menu to a point where his skills are now highly respected in the region and now listed by many organisations. This of course is great for our guests and we can recommend a restaurant within 5 minutes drive of the cottage with absolute confidence.