Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Good job! (apologies to Will Smith)

After 10 years I am very pleased we are on the final stages of the renovations of our property here in this beautiful and quiet part of central France. I was listening to the BBC radio late this afternoon and the travel advisor was explaining about the jams on the M25 and elsewhere, how unfortunate I thought as I turned onto the local main road with not a vehicle in sight.

During the past month I have been concentrating on the renovation of the rear barn wall and house wall under the roof terrace. Its been a long and dusty job removing the incorrect cement rendering and repointing the freshly exposed stones with a traditional and correct mix of lime and sand. (See an earlier blog)In addition I have constructed a roof to provide some protection for the logs and built a solid base for log storage.
My friendly French artisan who kindly filled and pointed the stones!

The roof structure taking shape

Log stand, limestone chips and tiles on the roof!

And today we went to the local quarry, bought 1.5 cubic metres of limestone chippings, spread these on top of weed fabric and then commenced the stacking of logs onto the log stand, so good progress is made.

And finally......the first logs stacked and protected from the winter weather.