Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Red Indians in town last weekend

Well some of the Indians were red, some black and some blue but all were at least 50 years old and beautiful examples of motorcycle engineering,
The local chateau (Il Savary) in Clion was the location for the international gathering of classic Indian motorcycles and as you can see they came complete with tepee.
Some were very old
Beautiful restorations made some bikes better than new

In addition to the Indians the club had a great line up of entertainment and catering
A great (French) American blues / rock band provided entertainment in the evening
We could not resist a picture outside the Tepee
Over 300 Indians from all over the world came for the gathering
Our friend Nicole of the 'Paddock' Café and Maureen enjoyed the event

Sunday, 8 July 2018

World cup weather and flowers

We (including our current guests) are all excited and hoping to see England do well in the football world cup.  Maureen's home town is Ashington in Northumberland and she lived only a few streets away from Bobby and Jackie Charlton when she was still a little girl. As you may recall Bob and Jackie both played in the 1966 World Cup winning England team. 

All the photo's below were taken today when our guests were out and I was watering the flowers: Sunday 8th July 2018.

The hanging baskets and flowers are magnificent this time of year, photo's fail to capture the colour.
Another corner of the cottage garden and at the end of the cottage we now have vines and grapes growing.
The well has a new handle!!!! Bought for only 15 euro at a local brocante.
The cottage has a second terrace at the bottom of the garden, this catches the sun in the evening. It has a light and mains socket plus a hot plate if you would like to cook something 'al fresco'.
The cottage garden is full of interesting corners, this was new in 2018
At the side of the narrow road passing the cottage, near the entrance, the wall flowers are beautiful 
Ah Love at first sight!
As you may know we were awarded 2nd prize for the best flower garden in the Indre region in 2016 and 2017. The secret garden inspectors will be around this year so we hope they are impressed with the show, lets hope we do well in the 2018 competition.

We look forward to seeing all our future guests, if you have any further questions simply contact Maureen.