Thursday, 5 January 2012

Winter news

Not a lot of activity over the winter months, the cottage is sleeping nicely awaiting the warm spring weather, new buds on the trees and birds all working hard to build the latest desirable residence for a fresh brood.

Ryanair have just announced a new route from Machester to Tours, and Tours is 50 minutes north of Les Deux Platanes and our nearest airport, our son has just reserved a seat in April for just over £20 including all tax etc - now that must be a bargain.

Those following the BLOG will remember that the small field at the rear of our house was seeded in October so hopefully 2012 will see some great grass cover rather than a sea of weeds that formed after the instalation of the new septic tanks and filter in 2007. In fact 2012 should see the finish of all the renovation work in the house and at the rear although the guests staying in the gite would never know that everything was not complete.

I have just bought a new Wi-Fi modem so hopefully this will provide a good signal allowing guests in the cottage to access the internet.

The cottage has 10 weeks booked already so anyone looking to visit in 2012 should take the opportunity to reserve any weeks they would like before its to late!

That's all for now