Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A right Highland Fling!

Last week our guests here at Les Deux Platanes had an unexpected treat. They arrived in time to participate in a medieval banquet that was part of a major two day Franco - Scottish fete in our nearest town, Chatillon sur Indre.

In addition to an excellent meal we were provided with a range of entertainment during the evening. The French need little excuse to organise a fete and this one was outstanding. 

Looking back to the 100 years war it appears the town of Chatillon had some links with Scotland - so they formed a Franco - Scottish society and the rest is history as they say.  
Nearly 600 attended the meal
The roast boars were displayed for all to see

The serving ladies were all local volunteers
Plus dancing of course!
In addition to the meal the town was transformed into medieval magnificence with stalls selling food, craft displays and all manner of activity.

Friday, 2 June 2017

June is bursting out all over!

On some land near to the cottage is what we 'Brits' would describe as a small holding and this is maintained by Madam Monique with military precision. In addition to the magnificent vegetable garden she also has ducks, 2 geese, 6 sheep and around 80 chickens. Everything except the sheep will be 'dispatched' for the table at some point during the year and our freezer currently contains a duck and chicken. This week the new ducks and geese arrived - see picture:

This was only the second day and already they were in the pond.
The cottage garden is now all set up with flowers all appear to be growing well and since we have has a very warm and dry spring they have needed regular attention especially with watering.

Living in central France you enjoy a slow and peaceful life, neighbours passing with their latest vehicle:

Oh yes, its like yesteryear.....is Maureen asking about the mpg?
Barbecue information:

What can be better on holiday than a good barbecue on a warm evening, starlit sky above and only birds and our local owl for company - not forgetting a nice bottle of wine. At the cottage you have access to a good charcoal barbecue, everything except the charcoal is provided although in many cases previous guests may have left charcoal.

The trolley barbecue has two grills, you can use one or both, it has all the tools, sticks for lighting and normally some newspaper. 
All the tools, glove and an apron for the chef!
Plus a vegetable roaster if required.
Where can you use the barbecue?

Anywhere in your garden, you have a choice of two terraces both with tables or you may wish to move the smaller lighter table under the trees. The large terrace directly in front of the cottage has a large table, outside lights etc . Last week we had four French guests and the two men were barbecue experts and they used the terrace in front of the cottage. The second terrace is at the bottom of the garden and has a smaller table, retractable sun blind, electric light PLUS a socket for the portable hot plate. So all you aspiring  chefs can rustle up a real gourmet dinner.
The smaller wood terrace at the bottom of your garden area.

The hotplate can be used to keep dishes warm or for some gourmet delights!
That's all for now, also remember that if you have booked the cottage directly with Maureen their will be a small  'arrival' pack of provisions here when you arrive :Bread, home made jam, local ham, cheese, milk, tea / coffee and some butter. The local supermarket is open on a Sunday morning if required.