Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Solar heater & work

Raining at last, nice steady rain to soak the ground, water the grass and the vegetable garden although I am sure it would take a several months of rain to restore the water levels in the etangs. However one has to prepare for the hot weather so I am busy inventing a solar water heater for our inflatable spa, will it work I ask myself? Watch this space for further news.
20mm plastic electric conduit for the solar heater!

The gite is now fully booked until mid September so preparation of the gite garden and flowers is a priority, the Miracle Grow appears to be working well as the flower tubs and baskets are growing well although I am sure much more TLC will be required over the summer months.
Flower tubs developing well

Yesterday I came downstairs looking like a snowman after filling the plasterboard joints in our second bedroom. I admire plasterers who manage to put all the plaster on the wall and not on themselves. We have friends staying in three weeks time so completing the bedroom in the house is a priority.
Plasterboard joint filling in the house making progress.

Chatillon is holding a big European event from the 12th - 15th July and I have offered to help organse the 'Its a Knockout' Jeux sans Frontiers. I have some ideas that involve giant escargots, massive bratwurst sausages and wooden cheese - wait for the construction stage to see how things turn out!

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