Friday, 21 July 2017

Strange goings on!

Apparently its that time of year again when we spot all manner of strangely dressed folks tending the fields....what more can be said?

Maybe its some ancient fertility celebration but no one appears to know - yes you have guessed it they are all men. Still non the wiser.

The flowers in late July

You can believe me when I tell you its been a mammoth task ensuring the flowers in the cottage garden have survived the hot weather early this month. With temperatures on some days in the mid to high 30's it was necessary to move some flower tubs and baskets under the trees to prevent them being 'cooked'. However they have survived and with ample use of 'Miracle Grow' they are all looking just fine. Those guests who are still to visit this year can look forward to a nice flowery garden to wind away your days with a glass of your favorite tipple. In 2016 we were awarded 2nd Prize in the regional flower garden competition, with some stiff competition and a large number of entrants what will we do in 2017 - all will be revealed in December.

July 21st 2017 - managing to keep the grass green
The second terrace is lovely in the evening
The small shutter to the blue bedroom
growing vines around the barrel this year
Hanging baskets and tubs have survived the heat
Your private enclosed garden - a lovely place to relax