Sunday, 11 April 2021

 Well spring has arrived and the birds are in full nest building work mode. The Blackbirds are hunting for worms and the Great Tits are feeding on our bread and fat balls.

Covid is still causing havoc but the vaccine rollout here in France has increased dramatically in the last 3 weeks. We have had our first injection and receive the second next week and the local situation is very stable, even the local hospital has no cases. What we have to remember is that the population density here in central France is a tiny fraction of that of the UK and an even smaller fraction of England so we can feel safe but we are not complacent.

Wine inundation: well inundation may be a bit of an overstatement but we have noticed that over the past three months a mass of wine has been available at very cheap prices. A local clearance warehouse has been selling excellent Italian Prosecco for less than 3 euro, all with UK labelling so we can only presume its not been going to the UK as restaurants etc are closed. Even French wine is available at low prices so if we survive covid we may be troubled with liver failure!  We read last week that Champagne sales are down 35% , a reflection of the difficult market conditions worldwide.

Maureen's vegetable plot is looking very good and her new small greenhouse is packed with seedlings all sprouting up. The lettuce or 'salad' as the French prefer to call it is also growing well in her 'Trug' 

Yes its a whole scene going in the garden and it keeps everyone busy during these difficult times. 

Take out menu: The local restaurant has been closed for many months but has recently installed a 'take out' menu machine. The Auberge de la Tour has and continues to offer an excellent chilled menu @ 20 euro for weekends but the machine offers a less expensive option @ 15 euro all the week. We are sure that Eric the chef will continue to offer the weekend and machine dispensed fresh food even after the covid situation is over so that's good for anyone camping or staying in holiday cottages or gites. 

Well that's all for now, lets hope we can all plan to travel later in the year.