Sunday, 19 June 2011

Vendredi Gourmand

The Comite des Fetes in Chatillon sur Indre organises Vendredi Gourmand evenings in June, July & August, and last night was the first. Of course, the weather was against us, but we went anyway - it's a good opportunity to meet and chat with our French neighbours. We took along our gite guests - they probably wondered what they had let themselves in for!
A small brass band arrived to help the evening along!

Now fine dining it isn't, but you are invited to walk around the market stalls, choosing what you want to eat. There is a chap who does Creole food (very spicy), a cheese stall, and the local outside caterer, Joel, who offers something different. This time it was a dish of Paella but he he was also doing Merguez (Moroccan spiced sausages) and chips. We also had a new face - a Portugese chef who was making onion omelettes and real chips  from potatoes. (Portugese did I say??). Desserts are also on offer from some fellow English as well as tartelettes from the Portugese guy.
We claim a table before too many people arrive!

We can buy wine, beer or soft drinks and generally we have a good night. Tarpaulin covers had been rigged up so we had somewhere dry to sit, and the rain did stop, although the temperature was a bit low. The usual locals turned up to support the event, but the weather probably kept quite a few away. Still, it was the first of the year and many of the tourists haven't arrived yet. We ate, chatted, drank and stayed to help them clear up. This is a good way to integrate with the local community, and they appreciate our efforts.
One of the stalls selling hot food - local ladies helping as usual!

It's a bit damp this morning, but we won't complain, as the ground is seriously in need of a good soaking. It will also help the grass green up in time for our next guests who arrive in a week's time.

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