Monday, 6 June 2011

A new dawn for Les Deux Platanes

We are John and Maureen, and we've just moved into the 21st century with our own blog from France.

We hope you follow the goings on here in central France, and the day to day story of country folk (no, it's not the Archers).

Our trusty 1980 Golding

We have been visiting France for more than 40 years, mostly on 3 wheels, always visiting this part of France during part of our holidays to see a French friend John met at University in the 1970's. In 2002 our friend telephoned to say the lady who makes the goats cheese in the village was leaving the village and her cottage would be for sale - needless to say it was an opportunity not to be missed - 8 years later the place is eventually looking ship shape!

And as the years passed we moved onto 4 wheels

We took early retirement 4 years ago so renovation moved up a few gears and the place is looking very presentable indeed. Just as well John served an apprenticeship in the building industry!

We'll post some pictures so you can see what it was like, and also what it is like now.
Watch this space.

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