Monday, 25 September 2017

Cottage garden in early September

I thought a few photo's of the cottage garden in early September may be appreciated! You can 'click' on each photo and it will be seen as a larger picture. 

As you can see the tubs and baskets are still flowering well even after a warm summer

The terrace at the bottom of the cottage garden is a lovely place to sit in the evenings

The lawn has survived, mainly due to regular watering from the well water.

Wall tubs are starting to go back but still have a good show

Even the hanging baskets are putting on a late show!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Autumn update

Well any thought of winter is certainly not in our minds today as it's a lovely 26c in the cottage garden, beautiful blue skies and it looks like this weather is staying for a week at least. Our recent guests also enjoyed some glorious September weather so as we have said many times before there is no reason to just opt for high season at Les Deux Platanes.

In August the annual 'meshoui' went off well and as usual we were in the thick of it putting up tables and generally helping out

The two sheep were roasting nicely to feed nearly 100 people.
Maureen assists with the washing up
It's free so everyone attends!

The summer of 2017 will forever be remembered as 'The year of the fruit'. We have been inundated with tomatoes, courgettes and a vast quantity of plums from our trees. The jam supply has been well replenished.

A tiny selection of fruit from our garden
John has managed to collect nearly 300 litres of plums!!!! These are busy fermenting in 3 large plastic dustbins. After adding a little sugar and stored over the winter these will be taken to the distiller when he arrives in May 2018 and converted into alcohol, maybe 40 litres. 

Woodpecker visit: Our local green woodpecker has been visiting the cottage garden, we managed to snap a picture before he left for more wood pecking duties

The annual 2CV gathering took place during August. Visitors were welcome and as usual food and drink was on hand at all times!

The cottage garden has once again been entered into the regional flower competition. It's been a bit of an art this year, keeping them watered during the  hot weather we had in the middle of the year. Luckily John was able to move the tubs under the plane trees to take advantage of their shade. The well provides us with a very useful supply of free water which helps too.

The tubs and baskets were just starting to fill out when these pictures were taken.

Can we thank May and Mike who were guests all through August for their recent review on Cheznous:

A really lovely gite with an attention to detail and quality which we have never seen before - and we've stayed in 50 gites across France over the past 35 years.
The owners, Maureen & John, are helpful, friendly yet discreet.
The crowning glory is the garden which would be the envy of most English gardeners.

Lets hope the garden has an impression on the secret judges when they visit.

Well that's all for now, better go and stir the fermenting plums!