Friday, 15 January 2016

Looking forward 2016

With a new year comes a requirement for new BLOG postings, unfortunately this time of year there is very little so say but never the less we can still look forward and do some planning or maybe stargazing for the 2016 season.

Some of you will be aware that unlike the UK, summer 2015 in France, especially south of the Loire was magnificent. As you can spot from some of the guest comments on this website 30c was a common temperature with the warmest temperatures pushing the high 30's. This contrast between the UK and France was I believe down to the jet stream which was hovering or should I say 'stuck' over the bottom end of the UK. Will 2016 be similar to 2015, its impossible to tell but it's certainly possible so we will plan for another glorious summer.
Wallace and Gromit  had a hot summer in the cottage garden

Maureen tells me that she has already started to draw up the mammoth list of plug plants to order for the gardens. We have them delivered to France from a nursery in Staffordshire, Maureen then brings them on in her small greenhouse before eventually planting them out in the garden. In 2014 Maureen was a finalist in the best regional 'gite' garden competition, unfortunately in 2015 we missed the closing date for entering the competition but we will enter in 2016 and you never know, we may have a chance of winning.

The French look for any excuse to hold a dinner or celebration that involves eating and enjoying the good wine from the region. We have also fallen into this mode, and why not as its great fun, great for the community and an excuse to bring all the neighbors and friends together. We are currently searching for excuses, the Queens 90th is on the list for starters!

Le Breuil aux Gittons is a small hamlet of 32 houses or small farms spread out over an area of countryside. During the last few years we have seen a number of younger couples come to the hamlet, great news as they bring new vitality and ideas.

Ok, thats it for post number 1 2016.