Sunday, 3 July 2011

Time flies!

It's amazing where the time goes! It's been quite a few days since we posted our last blog, but those days have been filled to the brim. We are currently decorating our bedroom which hasn't been much fun in 36 plus degrees, but it has cooled down now to a balmy 26! Keeping the cave (wine cellar) cool is no easy task especially as its not a 'cellar'. The epine was ready for bottling so together with the French neighbour we managed to produce 52 bottles!!!
Bottling the epine

We've also been busy constructing some of the games for the forthcoming European fete in Chatillon (13 - 16 July). Remember Jeux sans Frontier? Well, this is even better (hmmm in Maureens opinion!), although we can't offer Stuart Hall, but the games are just as much fun (and they all come out of John's head!)
There will be 5 countries represented - France, England, Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria. Each country has a game based on something to do with or popular in that country, so we have:
France: The Escargot jigsaw game
England: Traditional English Skittles
Belgium: Rocket launching game
Germany: Giant Sausage making
Bulgaria: Mask making
Construction begins - its amazing what you can do with an old banana trolley
Covered in out for the painted escargot
All this will take part on France's National Day (previously called Bastille Day) along with other manly games such as sawing the log and building a tower.
Hopefully we'll get some photos of the event to post on the blog.

Keeing the grass watered is no easy task, we are managing - just!

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