Monday, 4 July 2011

Escargot a gogo!!!!

After a busy weekend we have made great progress with Escargot production for the games in town on the 14th July, oh the stress and responsibilities in retired life!!!

Maureen has been working hard to produce the escargot jigsaws, two down and three to go! The escargot vehicle is finished and I have even started on rocket launching inventions for another game - escargot photos below.

She is a beautiful creature for an escargot!

Painting the thick card for the Escargot jigsaws, hidden talents that girl!

Its been a glorious weekend so the guests in our gite have had a very relaxing time in the garden simply chilling out. We are having a trip to our wine vineyards this week as stocks are getting low and we have asked if the gite guests would like to come along.....they said yes as soon as the word 'wine' came up in the first sentence!

This Friday the Tour de France is passing through a local town so we have plans to attend and see the spectacle - apparently the Publicity Caravan is a sight not to be missed and it passes about 1 1/2 hours before the riders are due, so we don't want to miss any of the freebies they throw out!

I have been watering the gite lawn to keep it in reasonable condition, just very pleased we have a well and last week it still had 5 metres of water which is good considering the dry weather. The flower tubs and hanging baskets are filling out and looking good thanks to Miracle grow.

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