Monday, 25 July 2011

A surprise for Monique!

I was pootling about in the garden on Thursday when I thought I was seeing things - a lamb had appeared! Our neighbour, Monique has a few sheep and, unbeknown to her, one of them was pregnant. Afterwards she said she thought the female was a little tired that morning - no wonder, she gave birth early in the afternoon!
Mum was very protective, but I managed to get a few shots of the new arrival. The following day, Monique had to give it a tetanus injection, but said she didn't like doing it and normally closed her eyes! Poor wee lamb!!

We had rather a lot of rain last week, but it has had the advantage of making the grass nice and green again, and the flowers have all filled out.

Twice a year, the local Karting track holds competitions which count towards the national karting championships, so on Saturday night we went down there for the evening entertainment. We love these very French social events, when people get together for a bit of food, something to drink then a bit of a dance after - all held outside in the open air (thank goodness the rain had gone!) .We were entertained by 'Les Compagnons de Musette' which is a 4 piece band, complete with accordian player, and they play a wide variety of dance music. One of the members is also our neighbour, Alan, and Saturday was the first time we had heard them play professionally - normally we hear them practising in his barn. They were very good, and must be well thought of in the area, as they have a number of CD's and DVD's to their credit.
We had a good night with some dear friends - it was nice to relax after the very busy time we have had recently. I even learned to dance the Madison, which I have been trying to master for quite a long time!

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