Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Chatillon en fete - part 2

On Friday evening we had the Marche Gourmand, (see a previous blog for the description). We were surprised and delighted to find there was also a Belgian stand offering free Belgian beer and free Beef Carbonade with chips! Delicious!!
As you can see it proved very popular!

After our Apero (!) we joined the queue for the moules frites. Joel did a roaring trade that night, despite the free competition from the Belgians!
A very orderly queue!
After the meal, we joined a large crowd who had gathered to listen to the entertainment. The Chatillon brass orchestra played a lively selection, and they were followed by the choir Les Paroles de l'air. We have a number of friends who sing in the choir, and whilst a number of their members were away on holiday, they still managed to entertain everyone with a varied selection of foot tapping songs from across the world.

Our friend Natalie (in the centre)

They were followed by the boys from the circus school in Belgium, then soloists from Stoke College in Suffolk, sang and played the guitar. It was a really lovely evening. We left at 11pm and they were still going strong!

Saturday was the Marche European, and there were stalls from all over Europe there - Slovenia offered various types of 'interesting' food, the Bulgarians had brought some art work, there was wine from various local vineyards, lots of art and craft stalls, as well as the Clare artists selling their paintings. The Bulgarians sang and danced to entertain the crowd.

Bulgarian dancers

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