Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The old ways are the best!

When it comes to building renovation in France it's best to stick to the old building techniques. Due to fashion and cost many traditional old stone built houses were rendered with cement and then painted. This can look OK but it has a downside, where the old stone walls would let any humidity escape through the lime mortar, the cement seals in this humidity (dampness) with the consequence that many of the old houses can be rather humid especially if there is no ventilation. We are busy renovation the rear wall of the house and barn and determined to use traditional methods - lime and sand mortar!

After more than 50 hours chipping off the old covering, cleaning out the joints and washing each area carefully we are now at a point where all the hard work is bringing results.

Dust masks, ear defenders and gloves required - its hard work removing the cement covering and mortar.

As you can see the wall is a mess  

For this work its better to find an old 'artisan' who fills the stones with a lime mix just like the old days!

50% complete and looking better already
The rear house wall completed in 2012.


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