Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

......and it wasn't anything to do with Frankie Howerd!

Chatillon has about 75 Associations, and this year it held it's 5th Forum of Associations. Each association is invited to put up a stand in the local gymnasium and the local populace comes along to see what is on offer and perhaps sign up to join one of them. As we aren't here in the winter which is when many of the groups meet, we didn't want to join any, but we had been told about a walk taking place in the morning which was leaving from the very same gym (Monique, our neighbour, is a great one for the local Randonees). We thought this might be a good way to start a Sunday, so we went along. Monique also told us about a lunch which would be available, so we duly paid our money and booked the 10 euro lunch.
We set off on an 8K walk, with a refreshment stop about half way.
Very nice refreshments provided by a local family

The walk took about 2 hours, and we returned to find the Forum in full flow. We walked around as we know so many people and wanted to say hello  (the French are very particular about greeting anyone they know). The little Majorettes entertained everyone with a display of baton twirling and pompom shaking - I just wish they weren't so serious, but I am told they are all concentrating really hard, and smiling doesn't help them do that!
We were invited outside where we were serenaded by the local wind orchestra, one of whom was our friend Carole
Carole is the one in the green
Then, there was a 'vin d'honneur' provided by the town, so of course we joined in!
Our four course lunch was nearly ready, so we joined the queue. John had ordered Andouillette while I was playing safe with chicken stuffed with mushrooms.
The lunch was very popular, judging by the packed seating.

We finally left the Forum at 2pm and went home for a siesta!
(We were off later to Saint Hippolyte for the Fete de l'entrecote - see yesterday's blog)

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