Monday, 9 September 2013

Moulin Rouge comes to Saint-Hippolyte

I know this is a strange title, but it's true!

Yesterday (Sunday) was the Fete de l'entrecote in Saint Hippolyte. This is an annual event, but one we haven't been to before. We had quite a busy day (more in another blog) so decided to go in the evening. We walked around the stalls, many of whom were packing up, but there was still the entertainment which continued throughout the evening (and into the night, but we didn't stay too late).
One of the acts was performing songs from American shows and had costumes to go with them!
It gets even better!

First there was the music (you know - the sort that builds to a crescendo!) Then 6 long-limbed young ladies poured from the back of the stage. John couldn't believe his luck - this next picture shows just how lucky he got!!
I know it's a bit out of focus - but you can hardly blame him!
He even managed to get some of it on video - stand by:

I suppose Saint-Hippolyte returned to it's normal sleepy self this morning - it'll take a year for it to recover from all the excitement!

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