Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The tension mounts

Maureens big birthday is on Saturday so its a hive of activity with over 37 guests for lunch, before you think about it Maureen is not cooking although she is preparing two of the courses. We have a local catering guy coming for the other parts of the menu!
The weather has taken a turn and its now rather cold, today I had to wear my woolly hat. The grass however is growing well despite the lack of rain, this will not continue however as rain is essential for a lawn especially in the summer months.
Sadly, the lovely flowers which you can see on the flowering cherry have all but blown away, but at least we know spring has arrived. It will soon be time to plant out all the bedding plants we brought over in mid March. They are currently in the little greenhouse, trying to come to terms with being outside - which has been hot then cold. Must be quite confusing for the little things.

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  1. and tomorrow the marquee. Don't forget to post some pics ...

    How many of John's friends does it take to put up a tent..... I'll finish the joke tomorrow!