Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring birthday

One of the nicest things about a spring birthday is the signs of life returning to the countryside, and nowhere is that more apparent than in France.
I took a walk around our garden and field yesterday and took some pictures of the trees in bloom - giving an idea of the fruits to come in the summer.

There are other plants showing off at this time of year, and the flowering cherry is perhaps the most dazzling.
Our friends exclaim every time they see it in full bloom - which it has been this week. We also have blossom on the forsythia and the blackthorn. The tulips are just opening and they offer a kaleidescope of colour. We love this time of year, when everything is new and clean. The buds are opening on the trees and the small new leaves are a bright shade of green.

Perhaps one of the reasons we like this time of year particularly, is that it is my birthday. It was a big one this year and we are getting ready to host a fete champetre for our friends here in Le Breuil. The field at the back of the house is being spruced up and made ready for a marquee. We have been enjoying some lovely weather which I am not sure will last, but, whatever the weather I am sure we will have a good time with our friends, both British and French.

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  1. We are looking forward to your party to celebrate the big one, or should I say the big six!
    We think we've lost our palm tree in the 'big freeze'!