Monday, 16 April 2012

Visiting the spring vines

One thing is certain in life, if you have anything to do with plants and crops you will always be busy and that is certainly true for the wine makers across this beautiful region. The Loire is famous for its wine especially the white and the rose but the work to produce great wines starts with great and well-cared for vines. As part of the 'birthday' celebrations we arranged a visit to two different vineyards. Both are within 35 minutes drive of Les Deux Platanes and produce a wide range of wines including sparkling. Madam Lauron in Seigy arranged a visit to the vineyards with her son, a tour of the wine storage area, an inspection of the machinery, the bottling area and of course a tasting of all the wines. They run a small family business, just father, son and mum, but their wines are very good winning many awards in the regional wine fairs.

An explanation and inspection of the different vines, some more than 100 years old.

The vines were showing the early growth for the 2012 vintage 
Tasting the different wines in the cave
Standing in front of young M. Lauron's certificates and awards, Tim appears to be propping himself up and he doesn't drink wine!!! - the end of an interesting visit
Most people bought wine on this visit finding the price very good, a 10 litre box is 27 Euro (circa £25) and that is equivalent to 13 bottles (£1.90 a bottle). The excellent award winning rose fizz is 4,75 Euro a bottle.

We all returned with a little more knowledge and a few extra stocks for the wine cupboard!  
A map showing all the local wine regions is provided in the cottage along with guide books and other information.

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