Thursday, 16 August 2018

Retail Therapy

Its a strange old world. Here in central France we have a small chain of what I will describe as 'clearance' warehouses, named NOZ. They receive all manner of products from all over Europe and a good amount from the UK. It appears that all items are 'surplus' stock or promotional items that have not sold. Last spring they had a great stock of ASDA Cava, previously on sale in the UK over the Christmas /New Year period and for sale here for 3 euro , just over £2 at the time. They have great shoes, work ware, toys, tools and household goods, wine and beer, bottled and tinned food etc in fact you name it and its been in stock at some time.

Todays bargain was a 'Dickies' waxed cotton jacket RRP £225 currently on a UK website for £175 special offer and in NOZ for 25 euro. 

So you have all the French history and an opportunity for a brief session of retail therapy when on your holiday. You never know what you may discover!


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