Sunday, 12 August 2018

Indians then deux chevaux

What will it be next I ask myself! There I was watering the vegetable garden and I glanced over the fields only to spot a rare green 4 wheeled Deux Cheveux scampering along a track. 

The sneaky animal thought its green colour would evade detection

then there were more!!!!

And more were heading that way

All shapes and sizes
over 80 were meeting up for a weekend here in Chatillon
Its a 2CV Paris - Dakar rally route
taking the rough with the smooth - these tough vehicles do rough tracks with ease!

Eventually I tracked them down to a rest place in Clion only a few kilometres along the main road

The local mayor had provided all manner of refreshments, including wine of course.
It was all part of a 2CV meet weekend, over 80 vehicles attending and all having a wonderful 'French' time.

A beautiful Gold Wing with sidecar was parked at the edge of the 2CV field

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