Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Hot weather

Its been a bit slow in starting but the summer has well and truly arrived so our guests here at le Deux Platanes can enjoy the garden, shade from the two magnificent plaine trees and the two terraces. It is however a constant task to keep all the flowers watered especially when the temperatures reach 30c plus. Once again  this year we have entered the regional holiday cottage flower garden competition and we hope our efforts will at least allow us into the finalists. The secret judges have, according to neighbors been twice already and Maureen did spot a lady taking a photo from the other side of the fence....was this a secret judge?

There is nothing better than enjoying a lazy breakfast on the lovely terrace directly in front of the cottage. A good local baker is highly respected and we have one of the best in Clion and another two in Chatillon. The French are extremely loyal to butchers and bakers and so we are to ours. We believe the ficells and viennoisserie are the best and our regular pre-breakfast trips to buy bread etc often means our guests have very fresh bread etc hanging on the door handle when they awake in the morning.

We are currently offering 10% off all 2017 bookings for the first week if reserved before the end of November 2016 and our prices are staying the same for 2017.

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