Sunday, 10 June 2012

Renovations continue

Despite the Jubilee and other distractions the renovation work in the house and rear house garden continues. 

The cottage garden is looking magnificent with all the planting and new beds built in 2011 and spring this year looking great for all our guests visiting in 2012.

It appears to be a very good year for roses with some stunning colours and shapes available to delight the eye.

The colours are brilliant and the quantity amazing!

The wall at the rear of the house was covered with a cement render which has now been removed using my JCB hammer drill and pointed with a traditional lime/sand mix - what an improvement on the rendering. More to follow when its finished!
Before and after, although the lime/sand pointing is still required.

Very much work in progress but certainly looking better than the cement render!
The only thing we cannot control is the weather and like the UK we are having more than our fair share of rain - an unusual start to the year to say the least. Locals are blaming the fact there are 13 moons this year, but whatever the reason, we prefer the normal long, hot sunny days!

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  1. It looks good now, so it will look spectacular when you've finished it!