Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jubillee Celebrations continued

Its certainly been a busy time of late, pleased these Diamond Jubilee events only come around every 100 plus years, I am sure it will be the last in my lifetime. On the Monday we were invited to our English friends to continue the celebrations and watch the show put on outside Buckingham Palace. The local French 'hunt' who meet at our friends house and use the land had offered to provide the barbecue so it was all hands to the pumps to help prepare the location although as usual Chris and Julie had things well in hand. I had offered to build a back projector and screen so everyone could watch the event on a big screen. This had to work in semi daylight so after a bit of research and experimentation I came up with an opaque shower screen curtain in a black frame with the projector inside a trailor with a feed from an old satellite decoder and dish situated on a post in the garden. With Chris doing the fine adjustments a satellite was located and within an hour the whole thing was working complete with HiFi sound.. The picture was amazing, considering it was a shower curtain!

Here we see everyone gathering before the show started at 8.30pm an hour later than the UK.

It was a great evening with over 60 people with the majority French and enjoying every minute of the Jubilee.

After the events we spent several days packing away and recovering from all the excitment.

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