Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A trip to Bourges

Bourges is not somewhere we would ordinarily head to, but as today is our 36th wedding anniversary we decided to have a day off and take a spin in the MGF. We left just after breakfast, and arrived in Bourges late morning after travelling on some of the smaller roads (we like the white ones on the maps!).

The cathedral is a masterpiece and although we had been in before, I wanted to take some pictures inside, and our new(ish) camera is more than capable of some good photos when there is little light available (it's called 'museum setting' in the menu).
Here are a few I took:

The astronomical clock
We continued around the old town and eventually stopped for a light lunch.

We returned via Vatan where we stopped for a drink. In all, a very relaxing day.

Back to work tomorrow - digging up the potatoes!

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