Friday, 5 August 2011

Assistant Vet!

One can never be sure what each day will hold. With a few years under our collective belts there are still new experiences that pop up and make life even more intertesting than normal.

Unfortunately this week the new experience was rather sad! John is looking after our neighbours small holding as she is away on holiday. So chickens and ducks have to be fed and watered, sheep feed with oats and straw and the duck pond topped up with water from the well. All was fine after the morning feed with all the animals fit and healthy so off we went to a local Brocante (car boot sale on steroids)

A very small part of the brocante - it had over 300 stalls!
On returning the couple who are staying in the gite this week suggested something was wrong with one of the sheep, they thought it may have had a lamb!!!!!! I rushed around to find a little still born lamb and a very distressed mother trying her best to lick it back into life, to no avail. It was then necessary to call the vet, arrange injections for the mother and we also had to administer more medicine the following morning. This involved catching the mother, trapping her against the hay rack, opening her mouth and pouring the medicine in. From all of this you may think we are experts in animal care, nothing would be further from the truth but when needs must you have to manage. The good news is mother is well and appears to be back to normal.

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