Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lets prepare for summer

Most of Europe has been subject to a lot of rain this winter with the UK receiving special treatment, those who have not suffered floods can only be thankful that we have been spared the 'inondation' as the French say!

Spring will soon be here, yes its true and I know this for certain because Maureen has ordered her 250+ plug plants from the garden center in preparation for planting out late March and April. 
Lets hope the new hanging baskets are up to last years high standards!
Our 2014 guests enjoying the garden at Les Deux Platanes can once again expect a beautiful and traditional 'cottage' garden with flower beds, hanging baskets, trailing plants and lots of colour. 

Plug plants developing nicely. 
The cottage has two terraces, the terrace directly in front of the cottage catches all the sun in the morning making it simply ideal for breakfast or lunch. In the evening, if its not too hot, you can choose to use the terrace at the bottom of the gite garden. This terrace is positioned to catch the evening sun making it ideal for an Al fresco dinner, evening barbecue or romantic candlelit evening with a dinner from Maureen's menu. Or you have a 3rd option, move a table and chairs under the trees for shade! 

Early spring and the bloom will be out soon.

Terrace at bottom of garden, this also has a socket for an electric hot plate, the sun blind can be adjusted for shade if required. 

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