Sunday, 18 August 2013

Les Compagnons du Musette (again!)

We've blogged before about the Compagnons du Musette group which features our 72 year old neighbour, Alain, as the front man.  You can check them out here

On Friday evening they were performing at the Auberge de La Gabriere In the Brenne park. Also on offer was a meal of Moules and frites. Not being able to pass up such an opportunity, 8 of us went along, although I have to own up to not liking moules, so Kay and I had entrecote and frites.

A fraction of the 500+ places

There was one of these between two people with extra if required

John counted roughly 500 places set out - this was to be a logistical feat on the part of the restaurant. As we had pre-booked, we found our places and settled down to a very convivial evening. We had already said hello to Alain, telling him we were the Inspectors from le Breuil, coming to check out the quality of Les Compagnons. He thought this was hilarious, and told all the other band members who rose to the challenge, giving us a splendid evening of their particular brand of musette. I have to confess to having bought one of their (many) cd's at the local market on Friday!

Our gang of 8 (I'm the one taking the photo)

We joined in the dancing - Madison time again, but I resisted the urge to get up to some of the other line dances which seemed rather more complicated! They danced the bourree which seems to be a Berry folk dance with much stamping of the feet! We have tried this before, but with sympathetic partners who helped with the steps. Again, not to be tried on this occasion (we didn't want to show ourselves up!)

We left around 11.30 and the band was still going strong. I was amazed when I heard Alain moving his tractor at 9am on Saturday morning!

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