Monday, 13 May 2013

Spring is here

Unlike 2012 the 2013 weather has been off to a rather slow start this year although the birds seem to be out in force this year bringing some colourful and interesting visitors to the garden of Les Deux Platanes!
A Hoopoe spotted on the grass at Les Deux Platanes with its long beak and beautiful plumage.

Recent guests to the cottage spotted a Hoopoe in the garden searching for some tasty morsel. His distinctive call (hoop-hoop-hoop) is one of the sounds around Le Breuil. The Cookoo has been singing regularly and the green woodpecker has been around occasionally.

The spring flowers are now out in abundance with the flowering cherry putting on a lovely display.
The cottage framed with flowering cherry
The apple blossom is magnificent this year so we should see a good crop later in the year.
 The wine fairs are now in full swing with many local towns providing opportunities to taste the 2012 and earlier vintages. One of the growers on our wine tour route has won a silver medal for his white wine at the international Sauvignon Blanc competition held recently.

Guests were provided with a gazebo - click on any picture for a larger image.

It may be a cool spring but it's central France, so 'cool' is always comparative. The garden of Les Deux Platanes was provided with a gazebo to provide some shade from the cool spring wind during a barbecue.

On a different note, this weekend we are having a 'Dam Busters' commemoration to remember the 70th anniversary of this famous raid during WW2. Friends are coming for a showing of the film, followed by a 1940's style tea.

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