Friday, 13 July 2012

Danger MOGS on the prowl!!!

Our recent cottage guests Trevor and Gill have sent some good photo's, I thought I would share some of them with you. The weather during their stay was reasonable so they managed to get out and explore the local region in the Morgan. In the 'Attractions in the region' section of this website I have an article entitled 'Driving in Central France from Les Deux Platanes' in which I describe the deserted roads harking back to the 1950's in the UK. So no matter what type of vehicle you drive, two wheels or four you can be sure to find some beautiful deserted roads here in central France.

The MOG visiting a local chateau
MOG & our MGF visiting the distilling man!

For the past month the official alcohol distilling trailer has been parked next to the local canal. After extracting the alcohol the 'mash' is put into the river - the fish must have a great time! Last year we managed to obtain 18 litres of eau de vie (pure alcohol) from the plums from our trees we had fermenting over the winter. This is a unique and disappearing art in the French countryside as the government are not replacing the licences as old people die. The distiller has a busy trade in the month he is based here and I hope we can continue to use the service into the future.

A good photo of the MOG at the cottage

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