Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Planting up for summer 2012

Its been a rather damp spring but Maureen took the opportunity during a warm day to plant up the hanging baskets, pots and tubs so they can now grow and be ready for our next guests arriving in mid May.

The other parts of the cottage garden are developing nicely :

The recent feed and week on the grass appears to have worked well, all it needs now is a cut.

Looking out from the cottage terrace you can see the new terrace down the garden to the left which catches the sun in the evening.
 We have completed quite a lot of work in the past few weeks - despite the rain, and the cottage garden will put on a good show for our visitors - just as well, as we are booked solid from the beginning of June until mid September, and there will be little time for gardening once our guests start arriving. We will manage the grass cutting and weeding during change-overs, but not much more. 

I'm off to Reims tomorrow for 3 days - it's a 6.30am start, with 30 children - wish me luck!


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