Saturday, 11 February 2012

Spring 2012 news

February at last, I hate to wish my life away but I do so look forward to the spring and summer and 2012 promises to be another wonderful year at Les Deux Platanes. The reorganised garden for the cottage and new flower beds will be in full glory this year building upon the planting from previous years. The two large Plane trees received a top cut last year and I am sure this will assist in filling them out further and providing great shade on those hot summer days for the cottage residents. As you will know from looking at the website the cottage is completly self contained with its own parking, gated entrance and gardens so guests are not bothered by other gite users as is the case on so many shared gite complexes. You can all make full use of the garden be it for a barbecue, sitting reading or whatever especially enjoying a nice glass of wine with a good book.

NEW WINE BOOK: The gite has a good selection of books including some excellent books and guides for wine lovers plus charts and maps for those wishing to visit vineyards in all sectors of the Loire region. For 2012 I have bought a new book specifically about the wines of the Loire. Written by award winning author Jacqueline Friedrich and entitled 'Earthly Delights from the Garden of France'. This text, full of background and easy reading for the non specialist provides an insight into the wines of the Sauvignon Blanc category, specifically Sancerre, Pouilly Fume and all the Sauvignon satellites. It also provides guidance on where to visit etc. Jacqueline is so impressed with the wines of central France she intends to write another two books eventually covering the entire region. Winner of the Wine & Spirits book of the year.

WEBSITE UPDATES: We are constantly updating the cottage website with new information and links to help plan your holiday, Maureen has also added some new favourites to the menu for 2012 and provided desciptions for all the main courses available. You will see that we now have links to the L’Hermitage restaurant at Buzan├žais so you can see the menus before you come on holiday and maybe plan a visit.

CROSS CHANNEL FERRY OFFER: I see that you can now book cross channel crossings for £39 in high season with DFDS and LD lines and remember you can use TESCO vouchers to pay for channel tunnel crossings.

More news soon!

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  1. Hi John and Maureen,
    Another VERY lucky win today. I will be hoping for the same tomorrow!
    It might be an idea to put a link to your gite website on your blog. If you aren't sure how to do it I can help.
    Gay x