Friday, 28 April 2017

560 plants arrive!

Maureen has been busy, very busy replanting the hundreds of small plug plants that arrived from the nursery in Staffordshire UK this week. Its amazing the system they use for postage. Each set of plants is very carefully packed in special containers to protect the roots and plant itself.

Plants came in trays of 40 or trays of 5 for the larger plants

The weather however is a little cold in the evenings at present so the plants are now in our small greenhouse where they will stay until ready for replanting into the garden, tubs and hanging baskets. 

We have also entered the 2017 regional flower garden competition where we won 2nd prize in 2016.

I have also just redecorated the rose bedroom in the cottage and it is looking very nice indeed, we are sure all our guests will be impressed! 

So we look forward to seeing all our guests in 2017.

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