Sunday, 20 May 2018

French friends love the Royal Wedding

All the ladies stole the show all looking very elegant for the wedding!
In France any excuse can be used for a lunch or dinner invitation so the Royal Wedding provided yet another opportunity to have our French friends for lunch. Royal themed invitations were sent out and Maureen came up with a magnificent 'wedding breakfast' menu for the big day. Some friends had previous engagements but we ended up with 10 for lunch, just sufficient to fit around the table. Everyone made some effort with flags or hats. 
Patrick arrived in his Morgan looking very 'English' 

Liste des invités - all given titles for the big day! 

·       Sir Michel and Lady Chantal  de Voncq
·       Philippe Duke of Maison Carreau and Dutchess Natelie
·       The Lady Carole Grand Dutchess of Route D43
·       Celine Countess of Chatillon & Environs
·       Patrick, First Earl of Morgan & Countess Irina of Morgan
·       John Marquis of Platanes & Maureen Marchioness of Platanes
The gentlemen made some efforts also!

The wedding lunch menu @ les Deux Platanes

Canapés de mariage & Champagne


Plateau de jambon Serrano


Sorbet Sakura - à partir des fleurs de la cerisier


Tranches de saumon aux oeufs de caille et asperges des Bois

                        Sauce aux fines herbes

Salade de fèves et parmesan

Sélection de fromage


Gâteau aux fleurs de sureau et citron


Café /  thé

The table was suitably decorated
Maureen's lemon and elderflower cake was excellent 

A most enjoyable afternoon here in central France

Friday, 16 March 2018

2017 another Award

A knock on our door yesterday revealed two of our neighbours and they were bringing news from the local mayors office! We had our suspicions but they brought confirmation that our cottage/gite garden had won 2nd prize for the second year running in the regional 'BEST FLOWER GARDEN' competition. 

We do take great pride in preparing the cottage garden for all our guests to enjoy, if you reserve the cottage for your holiday the cottage garden is yours and only yours to enjoy during your stay. Yes you may see John around if he is watering or Maureen 'dead heading' but we try our very best to do these tasks when you are out exploring this wonderful area of rural France.


Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Down to 80

 SLOW DOWN TO 80klm/49.71mph

As you may have heard the new speed limit on non divided roads in France, which is the vast majority of roads in rural France is soon to be 80klm which is 49.71 mph. On the positive side it will no doubt save some fuel although most vehicle manufacturers give 55mph as the speed they have designed the engine to give maximum mph. But as you know if you have been traveling on a 50mph average speed road in the UK it is a tedious and soul destroying speed and the thought of doing 80klm from Calais to central France is not one I look forward to in 2018. Having undertaken some research into the accident statistics in France compared to other European nations I can see that the French road deaths due to speeding are no more and in some cases less than other countries HOWEVER the deaths from alcohol related driving is very high compared to other countries to I think the 80lkm speed reduction misses the mark in this case. 
One of the hanging baskets outside the cottage

Maureen has been in contact with our UK plant supplier to discuss our 2018 flower order. Last summer was hot and some flowers could not survive the 35c plus temperatures on those hot days so we need some alternative specimens. The cottage garden has been awarded second prize for the second year in 2017 for the best 'gite' flower garden so we need to keep up standards for 2018

For 2018 the Blue bedroom is receiving a fresh coat of paint, yes we know it looks perfect but the cottage has high standards to maintain and last year the rose bedroom was redecorated. We will maintain the main colour, these will remain more or less the same...yes Blue! 


If you collect Tesco points we remind you that these can be used for travel on the tunnel, and several boat / ferry companies in 2018. If you have £30 of points these transform into £90 worth of travel so its well worth using the points in this way if you can. Full details on the Tesco 'Clubcard' website.

The cottage calendar is filling up fast and we look forward to seeing some past guests and new guests in 2018.