Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rain at last!

We've had such a dry spell for what seems like months, but last night it actually rained here. The grass immediately perked up and the flowers look much happier although I am sure it will take much more rain to restore the supply in reservoir's.

Poppy, our 4 1/2 year old black lab is also happier it's a bit cooler - black is not a good colour when it's 25 degrees in the shade!

John has gone upstairs to work on the second bedroom in the house now it's a bit damp outside. Which is just as well really as we will need the room ready for when some friends come to stay next month.

The cottage has received a good spring clean and repaint in the kitchen, John has polished all the brass so its looking good for our first guests who arrive this weekend.

Brass and copper polished...John's task I am pleased to say!

I'm going to try to go into the potager this afternoon as I may be able to turn the soil over now - when it is dry it sets like concrete and I can't do anything with it. The poor veg in the garden has struggled to say the least. The green beans show little signs of even flowering, but this rain might have helped. I can't get the salad to grow in the soil, so I resorted to putting the lettuces into deep trays and keeping them in the shade.

Mind you, the strawberries loved the sun - I must have made 20 jars of jam! The cherries are also fabulous. My friend Gaynor gave me a lovely recipe for clafoutis (that cherry dessert beloved of the French at this time of year), but when I made it last night I didn't put enough milk in and it's a bit heavy. I'll get it right next time, Gay, I promise!

After weeks of hard work we have completed the changes to the gite garden. We have removed some old leylandii trees and replaced these with a low panel fence and stone walled flower beds. It looks much better and brightens up the right hand side of the gite garden for our guests.
All I need to do now is add plants and hope the grass seed grows!
Madam Monique's ducklings arrived yesterday - little balls of yellow fluff with two tiny legs but I am sure they will grow quickly and soon be swimming around in the duckpond!

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